Our Story

        My husband Luke and I enjoy traveling together with our family (4 Girls!!) and friends. Whenever traveling I choose to stay at an Airbnb because of our large family. Over the years we have been able to stay at multiple amazing homes in the United States and overseas and it made us think could we run our own.

        Fast forward to 2023. We had been looking for property to move closer to my husbands work in Hershey and we found this perfect property and knew it was time for me to give it a try! I labored in love through the renovation process, through picking out colors and materials to dealing with the multiple changes and unexpected issues. By the end we had painted every room, made our own baseboard to match the original, fully remodeled two bathrooms, updated the kitchen, landscaped and installed new flooring. With the help of my family we where able to get the updates done in roughly 3 months and are excited to start welcoming guest and new friends to our home. 

Welcome to Beachy Brook!

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